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Assalamu'Alaikum and Good Morning!!

About a week ago we thought we'd do something out of the ordinary and go to the Melbourne Museum. Now you would probably wonder why such a visit would be 'out of the ordinary', well that's because the Melbourne Museum is the most dreadful place on earth. It is absolutely, by far the most boring museum I have ever been to.

The Melbourne museum fails to capture the attention of anyone above the age of 10. Visiting the museum is much like wearing the same clothes everyday. After a period of time you get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. I remember dreading school excursions to the museum during high school, just thinking 'WHY??!! WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SEE??!'

Now you might think that I'm a bit ignorant in regards to the history behind each artefact but in fact I'm a big lover of history. I dream of travelling the world with the main purpose of exploring museums and old cities but the Melbourne museum is unlike any of the museums say, in Europe. Overall, the trip was very disappointing and one that won't happen again for a very, VERY long time.

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